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Why Worcester Boilers

Worcester Bosch is one of the world’s leading brands in domestic boilers. With an outstanding reputation for reliability, quality and superior technology, Worcester Bosch is an innovative trusted British Brand.

Some of the main points which makes Worcester Bosch stand out from the rest are:

  • Superior Product Quality
  • A Lengthy Manufacturers Guarantee (All Aspects providing a 7 year Guarantee)
  • Local, UK, Worcester based award winning customer support team.
  • All products are A-Rated for efficiency and economy

A percentage of the profits made by Worcester-Bosch is donated to charities and good causes by the Robert Bosch Foundation

Worcester Bosch group is committed to a high standard of customer care and have previously been awarded Top 50 Call Centre Status, for Customer Service.

To find out more about Worcester Boilers, call 0121 243 3977 or visit our Birmingham based Showroom.

Click and see the Worcester Bosch video below

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