New Boiler Showroom | Our Boilers and Products
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Our Boilers and Products

As Worcester Bosch Accredited installers, All Aspects Boiler Showroom supply and install the full range of Worcester Bosch Greenstar boilers. All of our Central Heating & Boiler Installations come with a manufacturer’s minimum 7 year guarantee and 5 year minimum servicing. We offer all the below boilers in natural gas and liquid petroleum gas (LPG).

Combination / Combi Boiler’s

  • 29 CDi Classic Worcester Bosch Boiler
  • 34 CDi Classic
  • 38 CDi Classic
  • 42 CDi Classic
  • 28 CDi Compact
  • 32 CDi Compact
  • 36 CDi Compact
  • 25 Si Compact
  • 30 Si Compact
  • 24i Junior
  • 28i Junior
  • Highflow 440 CDi Floor Standing Boiler
  • Highflow 550 CDi Floor Standing Boiler


Regular / Conventional Boilers

  • 30 CDi Classic Regular Worcester Bosch Boiler
  • 40 CDi Classic Regular
  • 12Ri
  • 15Ri
  • 18Ri
  • 24Ri
  • 27Ri
  • 30Ri
  • FS 30 CDi Floor Standing Boiler
  • FS 42 CDi Floor Standing Boiler


System Boilers

  • 30 CDi Classic System Worcester Bosch Boiler
  • 35 CDi Classic System
  • 12i System
  • 15i System
  • 18i System
  • 24i System
  • 27i System
  • 30i System


We have a wide range of timers & controls. All of these Worcester Bosch controls carry a minimum 7 year parts and labour guarantee when installed at the same time as your Worcester Bosch boiler.

Mechanical Timers

  • MT10 plug-in mechanical timer
  • MT10RF mechanical wireless thermostat


Digital, Wireless programmers & room thermostats

  • Greenstar Comfort plug-in programmer
  • Greenstar Comfort I RF wireless room thermostat and plug-in programmer
  • Greenstar Comfort II RF wireless programmable room thermostat


Intelligent Controls

  • FR10 Intelligent room thermostat
  • FR110 programmable room thermostat
  • FW100 Weather compensation controller
  • ISM1 Intelligent solar module


Smart Controls

  • Worcester Wave

A perfect safeguard to reduced efficiency

The Worcester Greenstar System Filter is designed to combat the damaging effects of system debris and pollution by capturing contaminates before they reach your boiler.  This helps makes your boiler more efficient which then ultimately reduces your energy bills.